Halloween Horror Nights 5 – Hell House

Skills: facebook api, greensock, jquery, three.js, tweenmax, webgl,

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This is one of the 4 interactive modules that were launched for the Halloween Horror Nights event in Universal Studio Singapore in the year 2015. The idea of this interactive module is to provide an overview of story to one of the scare house – Hell House in an interactive and fun web experience.

The overview of this story is that users are invited to a hell house and they are required to find a list of items based on the hint in order to escape the hell house. Several scare zones has been added across the hell house to provide surprise scare when user are browsing for the items.

I’ve developed this module using Three.Js, which allows the whole hell house to be simulated into a huge 3d panoramic environment. Users are able to drag to pan around the hell house to look for the item. To add in more effect in animation, I’ve utilized TweenMax to create the fading, sudden scare and various animation to enhance to whole experience.

hellhouse_landinghellhouse_landing2hellhouse_game1hellhouse_game2 hellhouse_game3hellhouse_game4hellhouse_end